Olivier Orfila: Senior researcher, IFSTTAR, France


2020/09/03 Habilitation to conduct research defence

Olivier Orfila

2018/07/01 One month in China as Invited professor

O. Orfila

Accompanied by my famous colleague J. Ehrlich and boss D. Gruyer, I will work on an important chinese project at the Shanghai TongJi University for whole month of September.

My last publication

Safe Vehicle Trajectory Planning in an Autonomous Decision Support Framework for Emergency Situations

Applied Sciences

Wei Xu, Rémi Sainct, Dominique Gruyer and Olivier Orfila

For a decade, researchers have focused on the development and deployment of road automated mobility. In the development of autonomous driving embedded systems, several stages are required. The first one deals with the perception layers. The second one is dedicated to the risk assessment, the decision and strategy layers and the optimal trajectory planning. The last stage addresses the vehicle control/command. This paper proposes an efficient solution to the second stage and improves a virtual Cooperative Pilot (Co-Pilot) already proposed in 2012. This paper thus introduces a trajectory planning algorithm for automated vehicles (AV), specifically designed for emergency situations and based on the Autonomous Decision-Support Framework (ADSF) of the EU project Trustonomy. This algorithm is an extended version of Elastic Band (EB) with no fixed final position. A set of trajectory nodes is iteratively deduced from obstacles and constraints, thus providing flexibility, fast computation, and physical realism. After introducing the project framework for risk management and the general concept of ADSF, the emergency algorithm is presented and tested under Matlab software. Finally, the Decision-Support framework is implemented under RTMaps software and demonstrated within Pro-SiVIC, a realistic 3D simulation environment. Both the previous virtual Co-Pilot and the new emergency algorithm are combined and used in a near-accident situation and shown in different risky scenarios.

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