Senior researcher

After an engineering degree and a master degree in 2006 from the Burgundy University, I received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Evry (France) in 2009. After 3 years working on ecodriving assistance systems and road safety, I integrated the LIVIC, Laboratory on the Interactions between the Vehicle, the Infrastructure and the Driver, as a researcher in 2010. My research interests include road safety, ecodriving, ADAS and autonomous driving. I am particularly working on bioinspired energy efficient autonomous vehicles. I am expert for the ACEA in Brussels and from 2015, I am the LIVIC deputy director. In 2016, I spent six months as invited professor in TongJi University in Shanghai (China).


Senior researcher - LIVIC deputy director

Since January 2015
IFSTTAR, Versailles-Satory, France

Research management and activities: Advanced driver assistance systems for a green and safe driving. LIVIC (20 employees, 10 researchers) deputy director: Manager of trainees, Ph. D. student, non permanent staff, researchers, engineers, technicians. Participating in financial management of the laboratory (budget: 200 k€ per year excluding salaries)

Junior researcher

October 2010 - January 2015
IFSTTAR, Versailles-Satory, France

Advanced driver assistance systems for a green and safe driving: Nowadays, driver assistance systems are playing a crucial role in the driving task and are already capable to take the control of the vehicle when the driver is not (e.g. ESP). In the aim of a partial or complete automation of the driving task, my work studies are focused on building the driving strategies, taking into account the near horizon of the vehicle, in order to warrant an optimal balance between consumption and safety. This studies are performed using microscopic traffic models associated with fuel consumption, greenhouse gases emissions and safety models. Competences in ecodriving, fuel use modelling, traffic simulation, Vehicle dynamics, Driving assistance systems. Scientific leader for IFSTTAR in the European project ecoDriver. Manager of trainees, Ph. D. student, non permanent staff, researchers, engineers, technicians. Project team 9 employees. Financial management of ecoDriver (budget: 1 M€)

Post-doctoral fellow

Since february 2007
Ecologic-System, Nantes, France

Relations between the driver, the road and the vehicle and ecodriving: Today, ecology is a key subject of research and development in the world. Using a rather simple idea, a startup company, Ecologic-System has been created in order to develop an ecodriving auto learning device. As this device uses only basic sensors, it has been necessary to evaluate a precise relationship between the driver behavior, the vehicle and the road in order to compensate the lack of accuracy. To complete this objective, 200 prototypes of the device were sent to a panel of 200 drivers in order to build statistics relationships. These relationships between the three actors of the system vehicle-infrastructure-driver were then integrated in the device and completed with a modeling founded on physics.

Ph. D. Student

October 2006 - September 2009
LCPC, Nantes, France

Road infrastructure influence on vehicle loss of control : modeling and validation on an experimental test track. In 2008, 4274 people died on french roads and although the impact of road characteristics in these accidents is estimated as high as vehicle or driver one, involved phenomenons are still not precisely understood. As current safety evaluation methods are not warranting the liability needed by road managers, a new method, founded on physical models has been defined in this work. Relying on vehicle dynamics and trajectory control, it has permitted to increase our knowledge in road accidents generation.

Directed by Pr S. Mammar, Professor, Evry University, Evry, France. Under the supervision of Dr A. Coiret, Researcher, Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées (LCPC), Nantes, France.

Skills & Proficiency

Project management (Gantt, Project, XMind)

OS: Windows, Linux

Web: HTML, CSS, PhP, Javascript

Computer programming: Python, C++

Science software: Matlab, Maple, Scilab

Publication: Latex, Office, Open Office

Computer design: SoldWorks, Ideas, AutoCad